Say YES to a European Financial Transaction Tax!

Juntamo-nos à Ecosy na divulgação de uma causa que se encontra a mobilizar milhares de Europeus:

We need your help to remind the European Commission of its role: it should serve European citizens, not the financial industry!

Over half a million petitions have been sent in support of a Financial Transaction Tax. By doing so they helped convince the Members of the European Parliament to demand a Europe-wide Financial Transaction Tax on March 8.

Together they said YES to more money for global and domestic public goods such as social equality, health, education, development, fighting poverty and climate change.

However the European Commission did not hesitate to ignore the will of Europe’s citizens expressed by Parliament. Just hours after the vote Commissioner Šemeta (the European Commissioner for Taxation) called the initiative “premature” and “irresponsible”.

Together we should remind the Commission that they are accountable to us the citizens, and that our opinion counts more than that of the financial and corporate lobby.

The European Commission’s current consultation on the taxation of the financial sector, gives us an opportunity to do just that. By clicking on the following link you'll send a letter to Commissioner Šemeta, Commission President Barroso and the Commissioner of your country – a letter that will also be counted as a contribution to the consultation. Together we will find out if the Commission continues to listen to a handful of financial industry lobbyists more than to the citizens and workers of Europe.

Financial transaction tax for more Education, Health, Climate Change, Social Equality, Development, Fight Against Poverty.

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